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Search: Cpalead Sharecash Bypass [Exploit]

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  2. World: Franais: Informatique: Logiciels: Systmes d'exploitation: Linux: Socits(31)
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DMOZ Sites (1-20 of 1872)

  1. Exploit Database - An archive of exploits and vulnerable software by Offensive Security. The site collects exploits from submissions and mailing lists and concentrates them in a single database.
    -- http://www.exploit-db.com/    Computers: Hacking: Exploits(15)
  2. Security Tracker - Archive of exploits and security advisories
    -- http://securitytracker.com/    Computers: Hacking: Exploits(15)
  3. Peacefire.exe - Freeware program for Windows 98 to bypass blocking software.
  4. Gastric Bypass - A narrative on a gastric bypass journey, going through the decision, pre and post operative issues and then tracking months after surgery.
    -- http://lbgastricbypass.blogspot.com/    Health: Weight Loss: Personal Pages: Post-Surgery(10)
  5. Meddle: Pan American - 360 Business 360 Bypass - Short review with links to audio samples. "This might just be the first masterpiece of the year 2000."
    -- http://brainwashed.com/weddle/reviews/360.html    Arts: Music: Bands and Artists: P: Pan American: Reviews: 360 Business 360 Bypass()
  6. Gastric Bypass - Een verzameling van informatie over de Gastric Bypass zoals die in Vlaanderen uitgevoerd wordt. Met als basis de eigen operatie in het heilig hart ziekenhuis in Leuven.
  7. HellBound Hackers - Well established resource and forum for exploits, tools and learning the basics of hacking.
    -- http://www.hellboundhackers.org/    Computers: Hacking: Exploits(15)
  8. SoldierX - A collection of security and exploit resources. Also has a large IRC community.
    -- http://www.soldierx.com/    Computers: Hacking: Exploits(15)
  9. Phenoelit - Collection of older exploits and tools.
    -- http://www.phenoelit.org/fr/tools.html    Computers: Hacking: Exploits(15)
  10. Fyodor's Exploit World - A large and descriptive exploit archive organized by affected operating systems.
    -- http://insecure.org/sploits.html    Computers: Hacking: Exploits(15)
  11. Exploit World - Archive of exploits for many systems. Pages have not been updated since 1998 and are preserved only for posterity.
  12. Ill Mob - Home of a number of 0-day exploit authors. Many creative Trojan droppers and methods are released here, and it carries a huge database of exploits and hacking tools.
    -- http://www.illmob.org/    Computers: Hacking: Exploits(15)
  13. Rapid7 Vulnerability and Exploit Database - A collection of disclosed exploits and vulnerabilities in various major software products.
    -- http://www.rapid7.com/db/modules/    Computers: Hacking: Exploits(15)
  14. Canvas Exploit Platform - A commercial exploit platform similar to metasploit. Has built in memory resident shells that are cleared when the machine is rebooted. Perfect for cleaning up after a penetration test.
    -- http://www.immunitysec.com/products/canvas/    Computers: Hacking: Exploits(15)
  15. Register: Anti-rip CD System Bypassed - "Macrovision's SafeAudio technology, designed to prevent PC-owning music fans from ripping CD tracks onto their hard drives, has been bypassed." By Tony Smith.
    -- http://www.theregister.co.uk/2001/08/01/antirip_cd_system_bypassed/    Society: Issues: Intellectual Property: Music Freedom: Corrupted Audio CDs()
  16. Thinner Times Gastric Bypass - Informational site for Dr. Charles Callery's bariatric surgery practice in Poway (San Diego County), CA. Many aspects of gastric bypass for long term control of severe obesity discussed in detail.
  17. Heart Surgery Patient Guide - Includes an introduction, information on heart transplant, minimally invasive bypass, conventional bypass and heart valve surgery, things you should do and other data such as non-invasive treatment options.
    -- http://www.cts.usc.edu/hpg-index.html    Health: Medicine: Surgery: Cardiothoracic()
  18. Gastric Bypass Information, Recipes, and Support Page - Offers surgery types, recipes for gastric bypass patients, and before and after pictures.
    -- http://www.angelfire.com/ok3/vbowen/    Health: Weight Loss: Personal Pages: Post-Surgery(10)
  19. CABG Heart Bypass Support - Yahoo list group where patients lend support to each other, as well as share experiences with those facing bypass surgery.
    -- http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/CABGheartbypasssupport/    Health: Conditions and Diseases: Cardiovascular Disorders: Heart Disease: Support Groups()
  20. Learn About Bypass - Information on coronary artery disease, or atherosclerosis, including information on risks, symptoms such as angina, and bypass surgery procedures.


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