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DMOZ Categories (1-5 of 13)

  1. Computers: Software: Office Suites: Microsoft Office(24)
  2. Computers: Software: Office Suites: OpenOffice.org(10)
  3. Computers: Software: Office Suites(6)
  4. Computers: Software: Office Suites: OpenOffice.org: FAQs, Help, and Tutorials(5)
  5. Computers: Software: Office Suites: OpenOffice.org: Utilities(5)


DMOZ Sites (1-20 of 67)

  1. Andrew Consortium - Offers an extensible compound document architecture which can create and combine from text to pictures to graphs to spreadsheets to figures, into a single document. [OpenSource]
    -- http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~AUIS/    Computers: Software: Office Suites(6)
  2. ThinkFree Office - Java-based word processor, spreadsheet, presentation package that offers MOffice compatibility.
    -- http://www.thinkfree.com/common/main.tfo    Computers: Software: Office Suites(6)
  3. Siag Office - A free office package including word processor, spreadsheet, and graphics animator. [Unix]
    -- http://siag.nu/    Computers: Software: Office Suites(6)
  4. Ability Office - Features several separate modules - Write, Spreadsheet, Database, Presentation, Photopaint and Photoalbum. Enables evaluation download. [Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP]
    -- http://www.ability.com/    Computers: Software: Office Suites(6)
  5. Kingsoft Office - Provides a word processor, spreadsheet, photo editor, and photo organizer. Free trial.
    -- http://www.binarynow.com/    Computers: Software: Office Suites(6)
  6. StarOffice - Includes news and announcements, help and support, documentation, and portal services.
    -- http://www.staroffice.com/    Computers: Software: Office Suites: StarOffice(3)
  7. ConvertSpot.com - Provides components to convert core Microsoft Office documents to other formats such as text, XML, and CSV without the need to install the suite.
    -- http://www.convertspot.com    Computers: Software: Office Suites: Microsoft Office(24)
  8. PractiCount and Invoice - A word counting and invoicing solution for freelance writers and translators. Features, news, support, and order online.
    -- http://www.practiline.com/    Computers: Software: Office Suites: Microsoft Office(24)
  9. The Office Experts - Get answers to troubleshooting, VBA, and macros. Download free sheets.
    -- http://www.theofficeexperts.com/    Computers: Software: Office Suites: Microsoft Office(24)
  10. AbleBits - Find useful and time saving add-ins and plugins for Microsoft Excel, Outlook, and Word.
    -- http://www.ablebits.com/    Computers: Software: Office Suites: Microsoft Office(24)
  11. Microsoft Office Online - Offers how-to articles, downloads, templates, clip art, and training.
    -- http://office.microsoft.com/    Computers: Software: Office Suites: Microsoft Office(24)
  12. Spellex Development - Offers spell checker software and dictionaries for custom UK applications.
    -- http://www.spellex.co.uk/    Computers: Software: Office Suites: Microsoft Office(24)
  13. Active Projects and Leads - Lists some of the main projects of OpenOffice.org categorized by function.
    -- http://projects.openoffice.org/    Computers: Software: Office Suites: OpenOffice.org(10)
  14. Application Programming Interface (API) Project - Provides an entry point in the world of OOo from a developers perspective.
    -- http://api.openoffice.org/    Computers: Software: Office Suites: OpenOffice.org(10)
  15. OpenOffice.org wiki - Focused on all associated projects with resources for developers.
    -- http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Main_Page    Computers: Software: Office Suites: OpenOffice.org(10)
  16. OpenOffice.org Ninja - Previews, reviews, tutorials and latest news.
    -- http://www.oooninja.com/    Computers: Software: Office Suites: OpenOffice.org(10)
  17. OpenOffice.org Extensions - Includes extentions browsable by application, operating system or ranking.
    -- http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/    Computers: Software: Office Suites: OpenOffice.org: Utilities(5)
  18. Nou&Off - Advies en ondersteuning van open source Office software.
    -- http://www.nouenoff.nl/    World: Nederlands: Computers: Software: Office Suites(2)
  19. Joules Unlimited - Ontwikkeling van toepassingen binnen Microsoft Office en OpenOffice.org met betrekking tot opmaak, mailings en archivering.
    -- http://www.joulesunlimited.nl/    World: Nederlands: Computers: Software: Office Suites(2)
  20. Easy Template - Gespecialiseerd in het optimaliseren van Microsoft Office. Algemene informatie, producten en de mogelijkheid sjablonen te downloaden.


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