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DMOZ Categories (1-5 of 100)

  1. Shopping: Tools: Trade Specific and Specialty(259)
  2. Shopping: Tools: Vehicle Repair(97)
  3. Shopping: Tools: Woodworking(91)
  4. Business: Construction and Maintenance: Tools and Equipment: Quarry and Aggregate Production(223)
  5. Business: Industrial Goods and Services: Machinery and Tools: Welding Equipment(213)


DMOZ Sites (1-20 of 238786)

  1. OpenSSL - A toolkit implementing SSL v2/v3 and TLS protocols with full-strength cryptography world-wide. It is based on SSLeay, developed by Eric Young and Tim Hudson. [Free / Open Source] (The OpenSSL Project)
  2. RFC 2459 - Internet X.509 PKI - Certificate and CRL Profile - PKIX standard that profiles the X.509 v3 certificate and X.509 v2 CRL for use on the Internet.
  3. UniquE RAR File Library - The URARFileLib is a platform-independent, small and fast static library for decompressing RAR files (RAR archives are created with WinRAR). Full RAR v2.0 file format support of all compression methods, including multimedia compression and encoding.
    -- http://www.unrarlib.org/    Computers: Programming: Languages: C: Libraries()
  4. RAR Password Cracker - Program to recover (crack) forgotten RAR/WinRAR passwords.
    -- http://www.rarpasswordcracker.com/    Computers: Security: Products and Tools: Password Recovery()
  5. Java Makefile - Makefile setup for building Java class files, RMI stubs and skeletons, JNI header files, JAR archives. Site includes documentation and example makefiles. [Freeware, GPL v2]
    -- http://geosoft.no/development/javamake.html    Computers: Programming: Languages: Java: Development Tools: Build Tools()
  6. RAR File Open Knife - Tool for opening RAR archives. The website itself contains books, apps and other content.
    -- http://www.philipp-winterberg.com/software/rar_file_open_knife.php    Computers: Software: Freeware: Data Compression()
  7. West African Plants - A photo guide and identification tool for vascular plants of West Africa with an easy to use multi-entry key of 18 characters.
    -- http://www.westafricanplants.senckenberg.de    Science: Biology: Flora and Fauna: Plantae()
  8. Easy Software - Easy Link for SAP R/3 supports electronic archiving and document management.
    -- http://www.easy.de/    Computers: Software: ERP: SAP: Third Party Tools()
  9. Bevian Crafts - 3D, decoupage, cross-stitch and medal framing. Offers easy to use online "build-a-frame" program.
    -- http://www.3dframing.co.uk/    Shopping: Visual Arts: Supplies: Frames()
  10. Rone Management Ltd. - Unique easy to use construction estimating software solution for general contractors, concrete, framing, civil and site work, bridge, and utility contractors, familiar spreadsheet based system, fast setup, user friendly.
  11. Easy-RC.com - Interactive tools and resources for R/C car racers such as gear ratio calculation, motor tuning, cell charging times, setup sheet creation and race management.
    -- http://www.easy-rc.com/    Recreation: Models: RC: RC Cars()
  12. GENIUS - Germanium Nitrogen Underground Setup; dark matter search and double beta decay experiment.
    -- http://www.nu.to.infn.it/exp/all/genius/    Science: Physics: Particle: Non Accelerator()
  13. RFC 2528 - Representation of Key Exchange Algorithm (KEA) Keys in Internet X.509 PKI Certificates - The PKIX specification profiles the format and semantics of fields in X.509 V3 certificates containing Key Exchange Algorithm (KEA) keys, a classified algorithm for exchanging keys.
    -- http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2528    Computers: Security: Public Key Infrastructure: PKIX()
  14. Star-Key Designs - Description of cheerleading gift items, photo frames, scrapbooks and key chains in team colors.
    -- http://www.starkeydesigns.com/    Shopping: Sports: Cheerleading()
  15. Piñon Marketing Group Inc. - Tools for secure hanging of art, mirrors, photos, and frames.
    -- http://www.hangframes.com/    Shopping: Visual Arts: Supplies: Frames: Hanging()
  16. Bioscience Tools - Research equipment, tools and turn-key systems for Biosciences: automated temperature controlled perfusion systems and bath chambers, patch clamp amplifiers and electrophysiology setups, imaging, fluorescence, microinjection and micromanipulation systems.
    -- http://biosciencetools.com    Science: Biology: Products and Services: Instrumentation()
  17. Linux Unified Key Setup - Collaborative project developing a hard disk encryption system for Linux. LUKS stores configuration information in the partition header, enabling users to migrate encrypted partitions between devices.
    -- https://gitlab.com/cryptsetup/cryptsetup    Computers: Security: Products and Tools: Cryptography: Hard Disk Encryption()
  18. EASY-ROB - A 3D robot simulation and modeling tool. Proprietary software for MS Windows only. Website in English and German.
    -- http://www.easy-rob.de/    Computers: Robotics: Software: Simulation()
  19. MP3 Tag Editor - Der MP3-Tag-Editor ist ein Tool zum Bearbeiten der Titelinformationen (ID3v1 und ID3v2) von MP3-Dateien.
    -- http://www.mp3-tag-editor.de/    World: Deutsch: Computer: Multimedia: Audio: MP3()
  20. RFC 1605: SONET to Sonnet Translation (FTP) - "Because Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) transmits data in frames of bytes, it is fairly easy to envision ways to compress SONET frames to yield higher bandwidth over a given fiber optic link. This memo describes a particular method, SONET Over Novel English Translation (SONNET)." Written by W. Shakespeare of Globe Communications.
    -- http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1605    Recreation: Humor: Computer: RFCs()


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